Who We Are

The TGA is a non-profit trade organization advocating for the tabletop games industry in Washington State. We
formed in 2023 and are currently in our second year of operation and is open to Creative Professionals, Pub-
lishers, Distributors, Retailers, Community Organizers, and Educators, working in the Tabletop games indus-

Our Vision

Our vision is bring about the widespread understanding of the value of the tabletop games industry, foster
future generations of game makers, and nurture our diverse communities through play.

Tabletop Games in Washington State

Washington Tabletop Industry generates over 2 Billion Dollars annually and includes many of the best known
game companies in the World including Wizards of the Coast, Ravensburger USA , The Pokemon Company
International, GTS Distribution, GenCon, Card Kingdom, Paizo, & Flatout Games.

Our Work

TGA Day on the Hill: Earlier this month members of the TGA organized over a dozen meetings with legislators
and staff during the legislative session to advocate for the Tabletop Industry. The days events culminated in a
Legislative Game at the Capitol Building where lawmakers and staffers got together with industry reps to play
games together.

International Trade Missions:
The TGA in partnership with the Secretary of State’s office is developing
opportunities to promote international trade through missions. This year we will be sending missions to both
the Tokyo Game Market, and to Essen Spiel in Germany.

Support for Emerging Designers: The TGA is working with PlaytestNW to help build a network of playtesting
events across the state. Typically hosted at local game stores or conventions, these events provide valuable
networking and game development opportunities to game designers.


e: tabletopgamealliance@gmail.com
w: tabletopgamealliance.org